Photo Gallery: Good Doogs take us behind the ruckus of their national tour

Photo Gallery: Good Doogs take us behind the ruckus of their national tour

In the midst of their biggest headline tour to date, the Mandurah rockers show us have things have panned out thus far.

Good Doogs are no strangers to the party, something you'd probably know by now if you've caught them at any of their headline shows across their gradual, recent rise. The Mandurah/Perth rockers bring their energetic and ruckus-inducing sound into a whole new life within their live show - guitars get turned up, drums become more frantic and vocals more commanding - and as a result, they've become notorious as one of Australia's best newcoming live bands. It's something that doesn't seem to be letting up as they venture out on their largest headline tour to date, selling out a bunch of shows nationally as they pack their some pretty hefty venues across the country.

They're currently in the midst of the tour now, with selected dates taking them through to next month, but to tie everything together thus far and get you keen for what's to come, they've taken us behind-the-scenes of their shows to date and it's quite a read. Dive into it below:


Up at 3 AM to get to the airport on time, pretty much running on no sleep at this point. Had to change our flights the day before for a thousand bucks because Newcastle wasn’t as close to Sydney as first thought. Land in Sydney a bit after lunch, super tired and start the drive up to Newy. Stop by a beach burrito for some krill. Get to the show, the room and venue is sick at the Cambo. Doing soundcheck with this old-time sound lord Bert who looks like he has done sound for every band in Australia and also really loves collecting drum kits.

The supports are sick, the crowd is buzzy and we get on stage debuting our new “wiggles” themed outfits and the crowds going ham. Probably the hottest stage I’ve ever played on but was still so much fun and good to be playing again. Show went really well, ended up kicking on to some venue called the Newy which was like this multi-roomed pup nightclub thing with a food court in the middle haha so weird.

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Woke up at 7AM so had to get my ass into gear. Front door was locked by a key so I had to jump the back fence to get out. Good start to the day. Super tired, get an Uber back to the hotel. Round up everyone’s shit, by this stage it’s getting closer to 10 than 9 and we are super late to our load in at Canberra scheduled for 11AM. Canberra being a five-hour drive from Newcastle. Venue rings me halfway through the drive and I assure them we are REAL close. We aren’t.

We arrive at the venue just before 3 which is when the venue's doors opened for the all-ages show. Ledge lords Seaside took care of the soundcheck for us. Teen Jesus and the Jean teasers opened up the show and they were sick, big noise from a young all-female outfit - I expect big things will be coming for them.

Our show went well, prob the best we have played in ages. We had never played a headline underage show before so didn’t really know what to expect, but the kids were flaring and really got into it. There was a bit of downtime between that set and the over 18s set so we got stuck into the beers and checked into our room. When the 18s show started the room had a big vibe around it, heaps of friendly people to talk to and it just really felt like a good sense of music community in Canberra. The show went really well, I remember looking out at the crowd and seeing heaps of kids seeing along to the words which is always a vibe. We went into Canberra city to one of the nightclubs Mr Wolf and partied there pretty much until the sun came up.

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Me and Dyl woke up in the room to Seaside knocking on our door pretending to be the police so me and Dyl were thinking fuck what did we do last night hahaha had to load all the gear into the car and then find Asher and Andy. Luckily, we kinda knew where they were. We were running soooo late for the airport but Asher was still asleep. We absolutely pinned it from Canberra to Sydney in record time and got to the check-in desk for our flight for them to tell us if we were one minute later we would have missed it. Our bags all got put on the flight but we had to wait for Asher to get back from returning the rental car. By the time we got to the gate the dude literally said we were about to take your bags off the flight. Okay champion. We are here now aren’t we? Flew the long five hours back to Perth and got to sleep in our own beds again Sunday. What a good first weekend of tour!


Speeding from work to get back up to Perth on time. Full weird vibe cos the show wasn’t even a venue so there wasn’t the choice of a bar. At least as the Canberra underage show, we still got beers. Not here though. So we went to the pub until the support bands started. On support duty this time were Homebrand and Flossy. Both bands shredded and there was a sick feel to the room early. Underage kids just have this real unbridled energy and they’re like super appreciative to even get to be at a show so they’re just constantly bringing it in the crowd. I walked out during the supports set to grab something out of my cymbal bag on stage and the kids went mental. I knew it was gonna be a big show. 

We dressed up again and came out on stage and as expected they went skits haha. This one punk ass grommet kept running up on stage and kicking out leads by accident when he was trying to steal the spotlight. The rest of the show was sick, until the last song when all the microphones had been kicked out and no one could figure out how to get them back on again so we went without microphones for Want That and asked the kids to sing along if they knew the words. So the kids sung every single word as well as invading the stage haha. When it got to the last bridge Asher was pressed hard against the drum kit on the right and I couldn’t even see Dyl or Andy there was just this massive groundswell of children engulfing me and Asher. It was actually sick but, never seen anything like it. Good on ya lil groms.

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Long ass drive down to Bunbury on my own cos I had to leave early in the morning to get back to play hungover footy the next day. Got to the venue psyched cos we hadn’t seen each other for a week and we are dumb like that. Didn’t do a soundcheck because we got given this boardroom for a green room so beers at a boardroom table were way more important at the time. Came down to watch Pretty Uglys open up the night and there was literally a full-blown death pit happening at like 8:45pm when the pub had just transformed from a restaurant at 8 haha. The fellas were shredding it was sick. Flossy were up again next and gave em hell again and kept the crowd nice and warm for us. Little did we know there was a curfew on the night so by the time we got on stage our set had been reduced to about 25 mins. Also, none of our monitors were set up because we didn’t soundcheck so that was heavy. BUT because we are professional musicians, we were able to scratch it together enough and play all of our “good” songs that we have released as well as a couple of newbies and the crowd was heaving so I think it was pretty sick overall. After the show, I went into Bunbury town on my own and walked past this pub and the owner recognised me and called me inside. Pulled me onto this table and gave me a big old bucket’o’beers and said “have a good night at our pub Michael”. From then on in I just talked shit until stumps and moseyed on back to my room to get ready to play footy that morning. Haha.

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Flying to Adelaide, rushing around all morning to get my shit together. Got to Asher’s late but Dyl was more late so it was chill. Slept half the flight, when we got to Adelaide literally had about an hour and a half from when we landed until doors opened for the show so we pinned it from the airport straight there. Got to the venue and everything was already setup cos the supports were lording. The venue is skits. Such a big room with a massive LED backdrop, stage was super high and it was like an old building. It just felt sick, we had like three separate greenrooms for the bands. The venue just felt like a winner. We went and checked into our hotel literally a couple hundred metres down the road and then came back to the venue filling up early. First act was Dress Code and they had the crowd already doing circle pits it was mental haha. We all went out to sing one of Seaside's tracks with them, it was a big vibe. Love that band heaps. 

Then it was rock oclock but we had a surprise for Adelaide. Because it was the biggest show of the tour, I bought us adult diapers to wear on stage. Don’t ask me how much of a punish it was to buy them from the shop. It wasn’t fun haha. The crowd were backing it heapsss and the show was probably the best show we have ever played. We got it filmed and shit so some good footage should come out of it, hopefully. Show finished up and we scoured the Adelaide streets for a Thursday night kick ons but it wasn’t really happening so we went back to the room and chilled in there.

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Woke up in Adelaide feeling like ass, got like no sleep. Flew to Melbourne and pretty much immediately had to check into accom and get to this underage show. The venue was like this full arts centre in the smack bang middle of Melbourne so it was a prick of a place to get to with all the gear. The gig itself was weird, it was ran by school kids studying events management. Which is sick, like I back helping kids get a foot in the door in the industry 100 percent, but yeah was still a weird vibe. We got pushed back because the supports were fucking around and the promoter had only allowed 5 minutes changeovers per band so by the time we played I think we only got to play like 8 songs but still the kids heaps backed it and that’s the main thing! From there we linked up with Seaside and went out for beers but it was never a real big one, we knew we had a big show the next night.

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Woke up at 12:30 so obviously must have needed a big sleep in hahaha. Went down the road and got this monster parmi. The girl that worked at the pub was like “you won’t finish it rah blah blah” and I whooped that parmi and looked her dead in the eye after it with a big smile on my face. I coulda done 2 actually. By that time it was sorta time to go load in and do soundcheck so we got our shit together and headed up to Brunswick.

This venue was an older joint too but it was another really cool space. The sound dude knew what was up and it just felt like a winner room straight up. Loose bricks and Belair Lip Bombs were the supports for this one and they shredded. We’ve played with them before and they always go good. We got back into our traditional wiggles attire for this show and again it felt like a real good show. We had a chat during the week about how we always end up too drunk before shows so we kinda kept a lid on it until we were on stage and I think it’s kinda showing in the performance now. It just felt good again. Crowd was mental and the show was heaps fun.

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The night really took off from there.

We had an afterparty setup at Yah Yahs that we were doing a DJ set for, so went and dropped our shit off while drinking this bottle of Sailor Jerry’s straight to get into the full house DJ mode. Got to the venue and apparently there had just been a fight so there were cops freaking out everywhere. I tried to walk straight up and they flipped it at me and I was like “but we are playing here” and they were like “I don’t give a fuck” and I was like “okay tell the venue you won’t let the band come in” hahaha it was pretty funny. Ended up getting in after a bit of a wait and then DJ Mike got up.

It’s funny because none of us know how to Dj but I can kinda change songs each time so I was just picking these fire surf rock songs that I like and then we were full dancing on the stage sweating sooo much. But it was a mega-vibe, heaps of the crowd were going with us haha so we stayed there until like 3 then me Asher and Andy went to this kick ons house in Richmond. When we got there Andy went straight to bed and me and Asher locked in with these random lords and stayed up drinking with them til 8am. Went to leave and had to grab Andy to find that he had pissed the bed of this random dude so we had to peel pretty quick hahaha. Got back to the hotel and had like a one-hour rest before we had to pack all our shit and go to airport and fly home. 

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Remaining Tour Dates:

Thursday, June 13th at The Lansdowne, Sydney - 18+
Friday, June 14th at The Lansdowne, Sydney - 18+
Saturday, June 15th at Brightside, Brisbane - 18+
Saturday, June 29th at Jack Rabbit Slims - 18+

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