Photo Gallery: Good Doogs round up their loose tour of shenanigans

Photo Gallery: Good Doogs round up their loose tour of shenanigans

Fresh from wrapping up their biggest tour to date, the Doogs give us the second part of their behind-the-scenes diary.

A couple of weeks ago, Mandurah lords Good Doogs took us behind-the-scenes of their national tour (their biggest to date, that is) with a tour diary only described as cooked. There were missed flights and alarm sleep-throughs, stage invasions and nappies (?); rounding up the first half of their tour full of those Good Doogs antics we've come to expect from the lovable bunch over the years, while also solidifying their status as one of our live music scene's most rowdy and energetic, bringing that signature Good Doogs pace in its full, live glory.

In the time since, they've rounded out the tour with dates in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, concluding a tour that's been monumental for the band as they increase their national scope and continue to flourish into Australian favourites. It also means that we've got the second part of their tour diary ready to go, and with it, more of those Good Doogs antics which sometimes, sound a little too cooked to be true (they definitely are though). Dive into it all below, and consider this the sign you need to catch the Doogs whenever they're in your country next.

Start of Sydney weekend, the weekend of forgetting everything...


Got to Ashers at 3AM for our early flight to Sydney as per usual. Got all the way to the airport and realised I left my phone in my car so I had to go back to Ashers and get it and then get back to the airport before the flight. Asher and Andy aren’t gold members of virgin yet so they used my ticket to get into the lounge so when I got back to the airport I couldn’t get into the lounge. I was so fucken hungry, all I could think about all morning was making some mad krill in the virgin lounge and I never got to. Sick start to this leg of the tour. Flew into sydders like mid-Arvo-ish and checked into the accom and had a pub feed before the show.

Playing Landsdowne these two shows, the sound dude is a mega lord and make it heaps easy. Except I forgot I got the merch shipped to my hotel, so another 40 minute round trip for me and Andy to go back and get the merch. Sick. Anyway, Georgia June are opening up this show for us and surprisingly a lot of Sydney crew are out for a Thursday. Georgia June have got ‘em jumping early and have set the night off right, that band seriously shreds. Seaside are at their dreamy best and then it’s time for us to get up.

drum hero

By this time we have drank too many beers, it’s the punish of playing last on the bill. We have been sick as all week since we all got the Melbourne flu as well. But being the “professional” musicians we are, we pull it together for a good show and the crowd is buzzy. The good thing about the Lansdowne is there is no lockout there so we get to drink there until 3 before we head home. Hongers goes to kick ons and loses his phone so we can’t find him, but that’s a story for tomorrow.

Sydney Day 2

Asher has lost his phone and no one can contact him. Apparently, it’s in an Uber in bumfuck nowhere outside of Sydney. He’s also lost his voice completely so the day is off to a ripper start. I managed to get hold of the dudes he was with and then got hold of Asher, he’s going to get his phone from this police station. I got some great advice from our booking agent about this throat steroid you can get from the doctors that brings your voice back if you’ve blown it out. So Asher is also onto that and we are now officially on performance-enhancing drugs.

elevator jail

We all rendezvous back at the venue in the late Arvo after having to cancel all our commitments that day so we could all try to catch up on sleep and recover a bit. Asher’s voice has come good and we are ready for the show. The Phases open up this show and those boys were super tight! Seaside were on again and still have been get to disappoint on a single show. Then the clock ticked over to rock o’clock and it was our turn. As we hadn’t been feeling good all day we didn’t smash heaps too many beers and the show felt like a real real good one. Once again, the Lansdowne stayed open with a gig downstairs so we kicked on at the venue until close drinking with anyone who would listen to us. Sorry.


early flight

Okay, up early to get to Brisbane. We are all in different areas so we have to meet up at the airport with all the gear. We manage to get there with enough time to get into the lounge for a complimentary soup. Every time we have gone in there there’s been a different soup on offer and no shit, Dylan has tried every single one of them. He thinks it’s soup-erb now that we are gold members. I’ve started calling him “the frequent flyer soup-tryer”.

Frequent Soup tryer

We fly to Brisbane and get to our hotel and yep, you guessed it. I’ve forgotten my bag at the airport. Well not forgotten, it fell off our trolley. Anyway, I’m shitting because you couldn’t put a value on the things I was travelling with. But if you did it would be over a couple of grand. So another 20 minute Uber back to the airport and I find the car park guard and ask him if he saw it. With all the confidence of the king of the car park he replies “the Australian Federal Police have it.” Oh good. So I make my way to their little base at the airport and they tell me airport security have it. So I go to them and the lady kinda snickers and is like “they had the sniffer dogs really go over this one, lucky it doesn’t have drugs in it” so I look at her with the straightest face I can muster and say “you don’t understand how true that is”

good airport pack

Back to the hotel for me to have a quick shower and get to the venue. Playing the Brightside tonight and the venue is sickkk. We had been there during BIGSOUND to watch some shows but never played it before. At the back is like this massive outdoor stage and another Perth band, Make Them Suffer were playing that so it was A full WA takeover. And make them suffer they did. So for 1300 patrons there was one line to get into the venue that went around the block and it got realllll hectic trying to get everyone in before we played, but somehow everyone worked together and we got everyone in. Just.

Big lines

Beddy rays opened the set and the dudes were lording, I haven’t ever copped them before but was full surprised. They’re a great band. It was sad to see seaside play the last show of the tour with us, they have become like family to us and it sucks we don’t get to tour with them anymore. Their set was sick and then we were up. At the Brightside there is like a couple of levels to the crowd so looking out the front it just looks like a wall of people in front of you. The show was huge and got heaps of crowd engagement, it was a sick one to end the east coast tour with. We all wore this like leopard suit Asher's brother gave him on stage. Like we all had a part of it, Asher had these shorts, Andy had this jacket that made him look heaps like slash and I had a leopard print tie. Dyl was late to the party cos he was eating soup.

Brisbane 2

We stayed at the Brightside for ages after the show then decided we were going back to Andy’s hotel to kick on. We needed booze though. I only had one bottle from the night before and we forgot to get our bottle from our rider that night and we considered it gone because it too late. Not Andy though. Andy went to the bar and he got our bottle of Sailor Jerry’s like it was nobody’s business. Within a minute of walking into the venue, he’s walked out with the bottle raised high above his head and the proudest smile I’ve ever seen. YOINK! The secco has grabbed the bottle straight out of Andy’s proud little hand hahah so then we had to convince him that it was our bottle and we were allowed it. We got back to Andy’s and started making weird drinks with whatever we could find to mix with and Andy passes out on his bed so we put absolutely every bit of gear we can find on top of him to make sure he is comfortable. Gets to about 6AM and we decide it’s time to pack it in.

pile up 2

pile up

Last day is fly out day, me and Dyl have to check out earlier than the boys so Dyl convinces me that there will be a great selection of soups at the Virgin Lounge and we should go there to kill time. I’m convinced. The boys meet us there later on with the gear (thanks boys) and we are all very ready to go home. Thanks east coast you were fun af!



Last show of the tour is Perth, the hometown show. The day starts of like any normal day but We are all super psyched for the show. It’s not quite sold out yet but heaps of tickets have been sold so we know it’s gonna be a vibe regardless. I got full festival makeup done for this show because I wanna look beautiful.

I had to do two trips to the venue to take all my drums and merch to the venue. That’s one thing that sucks about local shows, actually having to bring all your OWN gear to the show haha. We recorded a new track in the time we have been home but hadn’t played it together yet so we load in and start soundchecking with the new one and it just feels good. Tonight’s gonna be fun. Everyone starts rolling into the venue around 8 and by the time Duckteeth are on, there’s a fair few crew on it. Duckteeth are made up of the original fellas out of Tired Lion so they're super experienced musicians. Real grunge punk kinda vibe and I back it heaps, they don’t really promote it or anything but the band shreds. Flossy are on next and are playing to a big crowd and they get everyone right in the mood and the sound in the venue is so sick. All our families and close friends have come to this show and they’re up in the caged area at slims, even Dyls Nanna hahaha. Pretty sure she was slamming a long neck export when I saw her actually.


Because there were so many people we know at the show, it was a lot different to the other shows of the tour. Like it was sick having so many friends there but it also made it hard to find any time before the set to actually take a step back and chill out and breathe. There was probably about 40-50 people in our green room and they drank all our beers. But whaddya do? Getting onstage was almost a sigh of relief haha. We got out on stage, at this point the venue is super packed and it’s sold out with door sales. We play a good set and the crowd is super buzzy.


Now off to Lucy's to do a DJ set at the afterparty. So we drag our mates over there and start slamming beers doing this super fire DJ set. Lucys had Gyroscope sell the place out that night so the crowd was sorta a bit Older so we slammed them with heaps of 90s bangers and they were psyched haha. We probably partied at Lucy's until about 4 then went home. And that concluded the Nobody/Alone tour. What a ride haha

perth family photo

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