Introducing Good Doogs, a Mandurah-based surf-rock band full of energy that you'll love

Introducing Good Doogs, a Mandurah-based surf-rock band full of energy that you'll love

If you're digging the sounds of Dune Rats, you'll love this local three-piece.

Thanks to the rise of acts such as Dune Rats and Skegss, the next in-thing for Australia's rock scene appears to be the California-esque sub-genre of 'surf-rock'. Think blazing guitar riffs and fiery percussion, swirling up an aural storm behind laid-back vocals and care-free lyrics. Good Doogs is a new name to this sound but considering the heat of their debut single Tried My Best, it wouldn't surprise me if they become one of the best. In order to get to know the boys and their new single, we sent them a standard couple of Q's about what they and their new single Tried My Best are all about.

Tell us about yourselves?
3 gronks from Mandurah that shared a common interest in surf-punk music, so we decided we should see if we can do it too haha.
What’s the vibe music-wise?
Ummm, the music has a real Californian surf rock/surf-punk vibe to it, real Wavves/Best Coast/Fidlar kinda vibe but with an Australian twist on it kinda like Hockey Dad/Skegss/Dunies.
Writing/recording process:
Writing, we kinda all pitch in different ways. We all go away with a bit of homework and then bring riffs and lyrics to practice and try and weld them all together there. We recorded our first single with Tristan at Sumo Sound, pulled an all nighters on like a Tuesday. I don't think the vocal sounds that bad considering Asher did it at 4AM after about 12 stubbies haha.
Can you tell us about your new single, Tried My Best?
So, Tried My Best jumped out to me straight away. We just tried to keep it as simple and as fun as possible but also easy for people to learn the words to. So we just pumped it full of catchy hooks with a simple, fun riff and it came out with basically the exact steeze we were after. 
What’s the rest of the year have in store?
The fellas are locking down at the moment putting together a setlist for a few shows we have coming up. We are supporting Bleeding Knees Club on June 2 down at Brighton Hotel in Mandurah which should be a fun one. After tha, we will be looking at getting another song out and hopefully, nail a couple of other support slots we have put our names forward for.
Where can we hear more of your music?
Being a new band we only have the one track up at the moment, but if everyone keeps across the Good Doogs Unearthed page and social pages it won't be long until we have some more shit to listen to.
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