Carla Geneve shares new single 2001, announces tour

Carla Geneve shares new single 2001, announces tour

One of our favourite acts of the past two years is quickly becoming one of everyone else's favourites too.

Header photo from our Live Session with Carla Geneve - revisit it HERE.

Perth musician Carla Geneve has become one of our favourite acts over the last few years, and it’s so special to see the rest of the country quickly fall in love with her too, with a one-two hit of remarkable singles – Greg’s Discount Chemist and its follow-up Listening last year – solidifying her place on the map as one of the country’s best songwriters. There’s a particular mixture of qualities that Geneve brings to every release – tenderness, vulnerability, strength, confidence and others – making single more special than the last, the exact reason why we named her one to watch in 2018 and have been closely following her every move since.

Now she returns, making that two-peat into a three-peat with another amazing single titled 2001. Taking influence from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, 2001 is a single that unites Geneve’s comforting melodies with relatable, nostalgic lyrics, introducing a source of escapism for Geneve she can always turn to, as she explains: “2001 is about escapism through old movies and books that I loved as a kid. Those, paired with songwriting, serve as the best form of catharsis for me.” It's a little more down-tempo than some of her other work, blending this slow-strumming guitar melody and stripped-back percussion to create a swirling instrumental for her vocals to shine above, with her signature cries on full display as she sings about finding comfort in the past after what's been somewhat of a rollercoaster year for the musician.

It arrives with two announcements by Geneve, the first, being her signing to Dot Dash Records – home to a collection of Pilerats favourites including fellow Live Sessions alumni Methyl Ethel – and the second being a national tour across March, which will see shows at Farmer & The Owl Festival and a pair of support slots with The Waifs joined by headline shows in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. If 2017 was the year she started to turn heads and 2018 was the year those heads began to actually pay attention, then 2019 is the year where Carla Geneve triumphs – capturing the attention of Perth, Australia and afar with her witty lyricism and natural, melodic charm. Catch her on tour at the dates below:

Tour Dates: 

carla geneve 2001 tour

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